Rust is Both an Automotive and Safety Danger to Your Vehicle

Rust is both a cosmetic and safety danger to your car. Your car can become structurally damaged and dangerous to drive if rust damages important structural and safety components of your car body. Dangerous fumes may seep into the passenger compartments of your car – not good for the health of yourself and your family. Once started rush can flourish and grow becoming very difficult and downright both prohibitive, time consuming and expensive to fix or repair. Your vehicle can and will become unsightly, be greatly reduced in value and difficult to seller trade in for a new vehicle.

What can be done to prevent rust from developing and growing on your car’s metal body? First and foremost it comes down to routine and regular car and maintenance of your vehicle’s exterior body and paint surface. Have your car washed and dried on a very regular and routine basis. Professional car washes with thorough cleaning of dust and debris in the undercarriage and under the fender areas are well worth the cost and efforts. Dust and debris in crevices, that well not being visible, is a major harbored or moisture can leads to the initiation and growth of rust on car metal bodies. If these hidden areas are clean and dry – there is no retained moisture to metal to start this rust process.

Once started the majority of the damage by rust is under the surface. What you see in rust damage appearing on say a fender is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Regular and routine washing and thorough drying of your car is the best effort you can do to prevent rust.

Next see if your car can not be garaged and kept out of the elements and rain. If possible purchase a car cover to keep moisture away from your car metal body – even if garaged. This way further rust causing moisture can be kept away from your car’s metal body. A car cover may be of expense but it will be a lot less expensive than a new paint job and as well the cost of rust metal removal and replacement in a competent auto body repair shop.

Of course pay attention to any nicks or surface chips to your car’s metal body.

It seems that certain areas are more prone than others. Pay particular attention to the areas around the doors. Do your best not to chip paint with your keys in the areas around the key locks on the drivers as well as passenger and rear doors. Next ensure that any drain holes in the drivers, passengers and rear doors – in the case of crossover and sport utility hatch back models are open m not covered and clear. Ditto this for the trunk area and its key lock. Next pay particular attention to the front areas of your vehicle. The front areas – grill etc are most prone to damaging stone chips from stones and gravel thrown that are thrown from other cars and trucks. Try staying an additional area back from vehicles when driving especially at highway and turnpike speeds.

It cannot be overstated that if you do spot the start of rust take care to have this dealt with professionally as soon as possible. While what you see of rust , is only the surface component and is only a small portion of the damage , nipped in the bud rust damage can be repaired much more simply, easier and less expensively than if left to grow, expand and fester.

In the end it’s your vehicle to maintain. Prevention and care of rust on your vehicle is not only a matter of physical appearance but also of safety as well as retention of the value and reliability of your automotive vehicle product.